The New York Stock Exchange

The New York Stock Exchange is the literal and figurative center of Wall Street. National and international visitors alike will recognize the building near the corner of Wall Street and Broadway. It is a natural site for a Museum of Money.

  •  The NYSE will move in the next few years. Its existing site on Wall Street will become available for a new use sometime before 2006. (Many stock exchange buildings all over the world cannot handle today’s digital technology. Shanghai, Paris, Saint Petersburg and soon New York, all present examples of historical market buildings that are no longer suited to modern technology.)
  •  For New York City, although the NYSE will move, the visitors’ gallery and museum would stay. Some 3,000 square feet of the old exchange floor would also remain. This will preserve the historic association with a now-modern exchange, but one that no longer is suited to a visitors’ gallery.

The location of the Museum using the floor of the exchange will capture a great “off-balance sheet asset” of a link to the history of finance for the Exchange. Sponsors of the Museum are pursuing the NYSE site as a top priority.

There are, however, a few alternative sites in Lower Manhattan. Please contact the Museum for a detailed list.