Statement of Goals

We have twin goals:

To increase economic literacy for people of all ages.

  • Demystifying economics and finance.
  • Enhancing the public's understanding of money
  • Creating more interest in the world's financial systems; and,
  • Eventually promoting a bricks and mortar museum in the New York financial district.

To utilize the potential of networked computers to develop a virtual museum as an innovating independent entity, not merely an appendage to a brick and mortar museum. Both finance and computing deal largely with the manipulation of numbers. As such, multimedia computing is a natural fit for a science museum of economics. The International Center for Finance at Yale University is host to the Internet aspects of the Museum of Money and Financial Institutions. Along with the exhibits we intend to exhibit games of varying strategic complexity as we believe that strategic behavior is of importance in economics and finance, and can be understood by playing strategic games.