2. Division of Insurance

2.1 An appropriate history and illustrated development of probability theory and its early applications to economic life is called for.

2.2 Simulated models of how the basic distributions such as Normal, Poisson, Lognormal and others are to be illustrated by devices which generate them.

2.3. Games and displays are required to indicate the basic problems in how to assess the risks involved in:

Fire insurance
Marine insurance
Life insurance, Tontines
Health insurance
Theft insurance
Property and other insurance.

2.4 The economic history and nature of the function of mutual and incorporated insurance companies both as insurers and as mutual funds or large investors requires illustration. Games to illustrate differences in types of insurance and differences between mutuals and for-profit-organizations are called for.

2.5. The cases for or against private or government insurance are addressed.

2.6 An exhibit must be devoted to the meaning of "uninsurable risk", acts of God and "fat tails".

2.7. The institutional structure of the insurance industry: USA, Canada, U.K., France, Japan, and China.