8. Division of Law and Economics

Perhaps one of the larger divisions is that of law and economics. Apart from an overall historical and time sequenced display of the development of law for the economy detailed treatments are required for

8.1 Ownership and property rights

8.2 The Commercial code

8.3 Bankruptcy and reorganization. In particular bankruptcy and reorganization is closely related to risk-taking in society and the biological analogy of mutation or failure of mutants to survive. The array of punishments for bankruptcy presents an intermix of economics, society and law which merits a display as a special topic.

8.4 The development of corporate forms, limited liability firms, partnerships not-for-profits and other economic organizations can be illustrated both by games and displays.

8.5 Tax law is almost a division in itself. It has to be covered both in the coverage of law and economics and in the treatment of government institutions. It is amenable to being illustrated with several games such as "Audit" and "Shelter".

8.6. State, National and international law: The inter-state and cross country arbitrage on legal systems

8.7. Economics and the laws of contract.