16. Division of Coinage and Currency

A history of the development of measurement helps to set the stage for the emergence of coinage and currency.

16.1 Numismatics

Included are mints and medals. Initially an attempt will be made to borrow or have donated a basic initial collection

where the emphasis will be on display and exposition rather than value and rarity. Thus for example in many instances reproductions may suffice as no attempt will be made "to compete" with the many major collections. The virtual museum will make cross display agreements to enlarge its scope of display.

16.2 Fiat Money

The observations on coinage extend to paper and other forms of currency, but must include money as pure abstraction.

16.3 Bank and plastic "money" (see commercial banks)

16.4 Primitive money. The special roles of primitive monies tie in with the economic anthropology of the emergence of markets.

16.5 Stock certificates and other financial paper.