15. Division of Labor Economics

Labor, like land is an extremely special commodity in economics. Only in some contexts can human time be treated as a pure commodity. The history of the concept of work, the division of labor, the nature of slavery, serfdom and the emergence of free labor must be covered, as well as the emergence of wages.

The nature and the evolution of restrictions on the sale of services (such as child labor laws) require exposition.

The relationship between credit and labor requires exposition. Here once more games can be designed,where the individual plays the role of a loan officer. In the lore of commercial banking borrowing on character and competence has its role along with collateral.

15.1 A history of slavery and serfdom

15.2. The history of wages

15.3 Socialist theories of exploitation

15.4. Labor and capital

15.5 Managers, financiers and workers: Productive and nonproductive labor?

15.6 The division of labor.